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What did it mean to have an American Sambo Association membership?

Membership in the ASA did not automatically grant one expertise, skill, or credential in the Sambo community. Rather than a "ranking" organization, the ASA was a training based association of like-minded martial artists (both trained in Sambo, and not). While many individuals and clubs did join the ASA with the goal of learning, competing, or coaching in Sambo, many others joined to support our cause and gain some insights which benefited their own martial art training. Unlike many traditional martial arts organizations, the ASA did not "rank" our members in Sambo and did not support any particular Sambo "ranking" system that existed (with the exception of the Russian Master of Sport rating system, our ASA competitor Master of Sport Award, and our ASA Coach credential program).

In 2012, the ASA launched a protocol by which active association members could qualify for an ASA Coach credential. This program offered a four tier program resulting in "Apprentice Coach", "Assistant Coach", "Coach", and "Senior Coach" levels. This program could not be completed via distance learning and required candidates to be current ASA members, engage in hands on training, and maintain an active role in the Sambo community for no less than 2 years between coach levels. In order to move through this program one needed to participate in the ASA Sambo Summit Training Camp; attend our referee and teaching methodology courses; hold current first aid and CPR certifications; attend residency teaching programs at ASA officer clubs; coach athletes in approved local, regional, national, or international Sambo tournaments; present a short thesis to the ASA for on-line publication; and contribute to the growth of the sport via training of new coaches, publication, television, film, web, and hosting of tournaments and/or seminars.

In the end, Sambo is about active and on-going training. We wished to distinguish between our members who join to support our cause and those who actively train Sambo. While the ASA does did grant Sambo "ranks", we did want to acknowledge member clubs that have actively continued to train and increase their Sambo knowledge through training, mat time and sweat equity since joining the ASA.

Our Affiliate and Professional Member Clubs were rated in the following manner (This did not apply to individual ASA members or clubs run by our ASA advisors or officers):

All ASA member clubs were eligible to receive the following labels: "Bronze Medal Club", "Silver Medal Club", or "Gold Medal Club".

A member club could achieve this distinction by documenting with the ASA any Sambo seminars and training which the club has hosted or the chief instructor has attended since joining the ASA (or shortly before, if done during the period of time when the club was courting the ASA for membership).

A training log link would appear under each club listing. This log documented any Sambo training via private/class instruction or seminar the club or head coach had hosted or attended. Each log listed the training date(s), topic(s) covered, coach, and total number of hours trained. These seminars need not only be ASA seminars. The ASA accepted seminars and instruction offered by any noted Sambo coach. If we are not aware of the Sambo coach in question, the ASA reserves the right to inquire about the coach or delay listing of the hours until the coach is verified.

Once a club reached 25 hours or training, the club (not the individual) received a Bronze Medal listing. At 50 hours a Silver Medal listing was awarded. At 100 hours a Gold Medal listing was achieved.

Please note that these ratings did not reflect any training a member may have had prior to joining the ASA. Prior experience was listed in the club's biography. Nor did these rating make any statement about skill level. What these ratings did was denote is a member club's level of activity and intention to learn and master Sambo.

All individual and club members ARE REQUIRED to attend at least one ASA event (tournament, seminar, training camp, etc) or cross train at a fellow ASA member’s club annually. It is our goal to have an active and engaged community in the ASA. Members who can not live up to this requirement will not be permitted to continue their membership.

All ASA members must clear a background check with the National Sex Offender Database.

The following is a list of ASA members at the time of our retirement as an organization.


School/Individual Name: MATT LINCOLN

Type of Membership: Affiliate Individual Member

Member Member Since: 9/1/12

Location: Chandler, Arizona

Comments: Matt Lincoln has been involved in the grappling arts at an elite level for over two decades training under both national and world champions. He is a Sambo instructor under Sambo champion Lance Campbell. Matt has 23 years of competitive wrestling training under Daniel Lincoln, is a Bronze Certified USA Wrestling Coach, a student of Judo under Kenny Buckland and BJJ student of Jay Pages. Matt is an Apprentice ASA certified coach.


School/Individual Name: SERGE GERLACH  

Type of Membership: Affiliate Individual Member

Member Since: 6/1/2004

Location: San Francisco, California

Website: none

Contact Information: sergegerlach@yahoo.com

Comments: Serge Gerlach, Chief Instructor

School/Individual Name: BAY AREA COMBAT SAMBO

Type of Membership:  Affiliate Member Club

Member Since: 2/1/2011

Location: San Francisco, California

Training Log: View

Website: www.bayareacombatsambo.com

Comments: Robert Terlizzi has experience with several martial arts including Mantis Kung Fu, BJJ, and Sambo. Rob currently trains with ASA Board Member Serge Gerlach. Additionally, Rob has made several trips to Russia and Ukraine for training camps with Igor Kurinnoy. Rob is a 2014 Silver Medalist at the Arnold Classic Sambo Tournament.

School/Individual Name: MATTHEW GALINDO

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 8/30/2012 (prior ASA member from 2/14/05 - 2/14/07)

Location: Concord, California

Contact Information: mgalindo@ci.concord.ca.us

Comments: Matthew is a certified Associate Instructor In Jeet Kune Do through the International Martial Arts & Boxing Academy under Richard Bustillo. He has 18 years' experience in Boxing & Muay Thai, currently trained by 4 time World Muay Thai Champion George Tsutsui, & 10 Years grappling experience receiving both his Blue & Purple belts in BJJ from Gil Castillo. Matthew began his Sambo training under Val Ignatov and currently also trains with Serge Gerlach.


School/Individual Name: INGER SCHOELKOPF

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 9/9/2011

Location: Madison, Connecticut

Contact: ieschoelkopf@aol.com

Comments: Inger is a professional photographer and student of Sambo and BJJ.

School/Individual Name: JOE FELDMAN

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 1/4/2012

Location: Connecticut


School/Individual Name: CUMMINGS COMBAT SAMBO

Type of Membership: Board Member Club

Member Since: 9/9/2005

Location: Panama City, Florida

Training Log: View

Website: www.cummingscombatsambo.com

Contact Information: hoagiegilligan1@aol.com

Comments: Carlos is a longtime martial artist with experience in BJJ and Sambo. Since learning sambo while stationed overseas in the military, Carlos has embraced sambo. Now residing in Florida, Carlos teaches sambo and grappling at the Pan Handle School of Self Defense.



Type of Membership:  Professional Member Club

Member Since: 3/8/11

Location: Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Training Log: View

Website: www.tangsoodo.com

Contact Information: info@tangsoodo.com

Comments: Patrick Kennedy started training in martial arts in 1978. Patrick has experience with several martial arts styles including Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, and Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Kali. Patrick is an Apprentice level ASA coach. Patrick Kennedy is currently working with ASA Vice President Gregg Humphreys to build a sambo program at Kennedy's Martial Arts Academy.

School/Individual Name: CHRIS MIKUTA

Type of Membership:  Individual Member

Member Since: 10/18/12

Location: Yorkville, Illinois

Website: www.genxgrappling.com

Contact Information: coachchris@genxgrappling.com

Comments:  Chris Mikuta, owner and head coach, has been training martial arts since 1983. He has studied and been exposed to multiple grappling styles including Judo, JuJitsu, JKD Grappling, Shoot, Dumog, Aiki-Jitsu, BJJ & Sambo. Chris holds a Nidan in Judo and Brown Belt in Shintai JuJitsu. He is an active competitor holding national championships in AAU Judo and Freestyle Judo, multiple NAGA expert belts, BJJ and Grappling competitions. Chris earned a Team America spot in the WOMMA World JuJitsu qualifier.


School/Individual Name: JEFF MALOTT

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 2/23/2005

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Website: www.iscfmma.com

Contact Information: jjmalott@hotmail.com

Comments: Jeff has a long history in martial arts and has been involved in wrestling and Sambo since the mid 1980's. He is a life member of the United States Combat Sambo Association and has studied with such noted instructors as Brett Jacques, Scott Anderson, and Michael Galperin. In 1996 he founded Indy Sombo out of Blackhorse Vale Tudo Gym and is the World Representative for the ISCF. During UFC 119, Jeff has most recently joined the ranks of referees that have officiated inside the Octagon.



Type of Membership: Board Member Club

Member Since: 1/1/2008

Location: Bettendorf, Iowa

Contact Information: dynamogregg@msn.com

Comments: Gregg Humphreys, Judo/Sambo Coach


School/Individual Name: DOUG FOURNET

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 12/2/2007

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Comments: Doug is a longtime Grappler, Judoka & Sambist having competed on the US team for FILA, FIAS, and the American Sambo Association's Team American Sambo. He is also a Battle of Brooklyn veteran, world combat games veteran, and most recently brought home gold from the 2010 British Sambo Open, 2011 Dutch Sambo Open and 2014 Belgium Open. Doug was the first to receive the ASA Master Sportsman International Class rating.

School/Individual Name: REILLY BODYCOMB/NOLA BJJ

Type of Membership: Board Member Club

Member Since: 6/1/2006

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Website: www.rdojo.com

Contact Information: www.rdojo.com

Comments: www.rdojo.com


School/Individual Name: FREESTYLE KRAV MAGA & SAMBO

Type of Membership: Professional Member Club

Training Log: View

Member Since: 10/19/12

Location: Hamilton, Michigan

Website: www.trainsambo.com

Contact: cbrenfroe@yahoo.com

Comments: Chris Renfroe joined the ASA to expand his martial art repertoire. Currently he is an instructor of Freestyle Krav Maga. Chris is an Apprentice level ASA coach. Chris is a Shodan in Kodokan Judo and a Sandan in Goshin Jutsu.



Type of Membership: Affiliate Club Member

Training Log: View

Member Since: 10/2/2012

Location: Savage, Minnesota

Website: www.attsavage.com & www.americanfistlaw.com

Contact Information: info@attsavage.com

Comments: Eric Aasen is the director and head instructor of ATT Savage. He started formal martial arts training in 1979 and has trained consistently in many styles. Eric started training in Kenpo and Kickboxing in the mid 1980's, earning black belt in 1993. He has over 15 years of Thai Boxing/Kickboxing experience. In 1997 Eric earned a BJJ blue belt under Royce Gracie. He later starting training at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy in 1999, against doctors orders (subsequent to a serious fall off a roof), overweight and nursing many injuries. Eric studied Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Combat Submission Wrestling there. He eventually earned his BJJ blue belt again under Pedro Sauer in 2001. In June of 2006, Eric was promoted to purple belt in the Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Network; where he was again promoted to brown belt in 2012. Eric has a long competative history including winning the Extreme Challenge, 2002 Midwest Submission Hunt Absolute no-gi winner, a 10-4 MMA record. Eric is a USA Boxing Certified Coach.



Type of Membership: Board Member Club

Member Since: 5/1/2005

Location: 91 Main Street, Madison, New Jersey 07940

Website: www.smma.net

Comments: Dayn DeRose, Chief Instructor  

School/Individual Name: OLEG SAVITSKY

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 5/1/08

Location: Middlesex, New Jersey

Website: www.zealousnationmma.com

Contact Information: oleg.savitsky.mma@gmail.com

Comments: Oleg ("Alec") Savitsky is Master of Sport in Sambo and is one of the few Americans who has an expertise in international sport and combat Sambo. Since his childhood (in Georgia, USSR) he has been training in Greco- Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, Georgian Chidaoba, Boxing and Sambo. He was trained by the best including top combat experts from Russian Special Operation Units. Oleg is also an expert in Judo and various styles of Jiu-Jitsu. He participated in many Sambo, Judo, submission grappling, no-holds- barred tournaments and won multiple titles and medals. He is an accomplished fighter, and was four times selected to represent the United States at Sambo World Championships (FIAS), where he twice reached the finals by facing the toughest opponents. In Panama 2002 and Prague 2005 at the Combat Sambo World Championships he had to fight the best heavyweight fighter in the world Fedor Emalianenko (PRIDE heavyweight and Grand Prix champion) by facing him in the finals and semi-finals. Oleg is currently the American representative for M1 Global.

School/Individual Name: PATRICK BAMBURAK

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 3/27/2012

Location: Rahway, NJ

Comments: Patrick is a long time martial artists and writer for Black Belt Magazine.


School/Individual Name: NEW YORK COMBAT SAMBO

Type of Membership: Board Member Club

Member Since: 3/1/03

Website: www.nycombatsambo.com

Location: New York Combat Sambo, the Flagship School of the American Sambo Association, operates out of 225 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY. 10018

Contact Information: 917-617-5650 or samboinfo@yahoo.com

Comments: Stephen Koepfer, Chief Instructor

School/Individual Name: CARLOS DEL VALLE

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 10/16/06

Location: Floral Park, New York

Contact Information: cdelvalle12@aol.com

Comments: Carlos has a wide variety of martial arts experience including a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shotokan, 1st Degree Black Belt in SeiShinRyu JuJitsu, USMC Close Combat, Small Arms, and Heavy Weapons Instructor Certification, a Brown Belt in Military Combat Sambo under Cardo Urso and a brown belt in Judo under Gregg Humphreys. Carlos also is a student of Stephen Koepfer at NY Combat Sambo and an ASA certified Apprentice Coach.

School/Individual Name: TEAM RENEGADE

Type of Membership:  Affiliate Club Member

Member Since: 1/20/2007

Training Log: View

Location: Levittown, NY

Website: www.renegademma.tv

Contact Information: 516-579-3883

Comments: Team Renegade is run by Anthony Sansonetti, fighting out of Tiger Martial Arts. Anthony has a long history in marial arts training and competition including Kenpo JuJittsu, Muay Thai, Okinawan Kobudo, and MMA. Anthony began his Sambo training under Stephen Koepfer. Anthony was a silver medallist at the 2005 Arnold's MMA tournament and a recent superfight winner at the ASA Freestyle Sambo League. In 2010 Anthony was a member of Team American Sambo at the British Open Sambo Championships. He brought home a 90kg silver medal (Men's division) and Gold medal (Masters' division). In 2011, Anthony again took home silver from the Dutch Open Sambo Championships.

School/Individual Name: TOM KAGAN  

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 9/14/07

Location: Staten Island, NY

Contact Information: Tom1@PlumPixie.com

Comments: Tom holds a brown belt in Judo from Oishi Judo in NYC. He has also been a student at NY Combat Sambo since 2005.


School/Individual Name: TRAVIS T. HAYNES

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 7/31/2012

Location: Ohio

Contact Information: travishaynes007@hotmail.com

Comments: Travis has over 20 years of experience in grappling; is a 1st degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Arthur Ruff of BJJ Revolution Team (CARLSON GRACIE), Black Belt in both JUDO and Shingitai Jujitsu under Fritz Goss- Rokudan, and brown belt in traditional Japanese jujitsu under Young Park. Travis has trained and taught in both the USA and Brazil in BJJ, and has trained in Sambo with notable instructors, Reilly Bodycomb, Gregg Humphreys, and Igor Yakimov.


School/Individual Name: AARON DODSON

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 2/22/2011

Location: Choctaw, Oklahoma

Website: www.r1mmaokc.com

Contact Information: firemanard@aol.com

Comments: Aaron has been involved in martial arts since 1989, he began with freestyle, greco-roman, sambo wrestling and judo. He is an American Sambo Academy affiliate under Dr. Brett Jacques and holds the rank of Razryad IV. Aaron is also an affiliate of Cummings Combat Sambo. He also holds a Judo Shodan, BJJ blue belt, has trained extensively in Combat Systema, and currently coaches at the R-1 MMA training center, owned by UFC Fighter Matt Grice.


School/Individual Name: KIM'S TAE KWON DO PORTLAND

Type of Membership:  Affiliate Club Member

Member Since: 8/29/2006

Training Log: View

Location: Portland, Oregon

Contact Information: aaron.brown@comcast.net

Website: www.kimstkdportland.com

Comments: Aaron is a longtime martial artist who began his training with ITF Tae Kwon Do at the age of 10. Since that time he has endeavored to include several other martial arts, including sambo under Aaron Fields, into his arsenal.

School/Individual Name: DAVID RUBIN

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 5/1/2008

Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon

Contact Information: drubin@pacific-crest.com

Comments: David is a long time Sambist who trained for many years under Arkady Buzin of Vladivostok, Russia. He is also black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is a coach at Impact Jiu Jitsu (Beaverton)..

School/Individual Name: TEAM QUEST SAMBO CENTRE

Type of Membership: Affiliate Club Member

Member Since: 4/2/2012

Training Log: View

Location: Portland, Oregon

Contact Information: van360sambo@yahoo.com or 503-661-4134.

Website: http://teamquestmma.net/portlandmma/

Comments: Vlad Novikov is an associate level instructor under Igor Yakimov, a purple belt in 10th Planet no-gi jiu-jitsu under John Salemme, and a purple belt in BJJ under Pete Longcarevich. Vlad is also a graduate of the Team Quest Instructor Course under Matt Linland/Scott McKendry (Team Quest # is 503/661/4134) and has been affiliated with them since 2007.


School/Individual Name: JIM WILSON

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 10/19/12

Location: Catasaqua, PA

Contact Information: djimbe@gmail.com




School/Individual Name: HOUSTON COMBAT SAMBO

Type of Membership:  Professional Member Club

Member Since: 8/1/2008

Training Log: View

Location: Houston, Texas

Website: Facebook page

Contact Information: ecsmma@gmail.com

Comments: Grant Gilliam is a dedicated Russian Sambo coach and continual student who is working diligently with the ASA to build a quality Combat Sambo and Freestyle Sambo program. He strongly believes in Combat Sambo's approach and balance in all areas of combat: striking, throwing, and submissions. Grant is a nationally certified Freestyle Sambo referee through the ASA and is working to spearhead Sambo competitions in the state of Texas.

In the past, Grant has competed in a wide range of competitions and holds a record of 5-0 in early NHB\MMA bouts and was a former shoot fighting champion. He has also won and placed in state, national and international level tournaments in BJJ, Judo, and Submission Grappling, and wrestling. Grant Also holds ranks in other arts including a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Nihon Ju-Jitsu (Japanese combat Ju-Jitsu) under Shihan Walt Sweet (deceased) and Shihan David Parritt (USJJF); a 2nd degree Black Belt in Judo and Jiu-Jitsu from the Leininger Dojo, under Christophe Leininger. (USJA); a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Grant has been cross training in BJJ since 1995 (Gracie Barra- Phoenix).


School/Individual Name: BILL COGSWELL  

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 11/27/2006

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Contact Information: bcogswell@cox.net

Comments: Bill Cogswell has a long career in grappling. Bill has several years of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu training, is a Catch Wrestling enthusiast training under Tony Cecchine since 2002, and has been studying sambo since 2001. Bill is also Vice President of Tony Cecchine's International Catch Wrestling Association.


Type of Membership: Affiliate Club Membership  

Member Since:3/18/2011

Training Log: View

Location: Roanoke, Virginia

Website: www.grapplingsports.com

Contact Information: coach@grapplingsports.com

Comments: Head coach John Miller has extensive martial arts experience. In 2010, John attended the ASA Sambo Summit where he also was certified as an ASA Freestyle Sambo referee. In addition to sambo, John has a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Aikido under Dan York; a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Karate under Jerry Beasley; a Blue Belt in BJJ under David Meyers; in an associate coach under Mark Hatmaker; and a Bronze level coach under USA Wrestling.


School/Individual Name: LION'S WAY MARTIAL ARTS

Type of Membership:  Affiliate Club Member

Member Since: 5/8/2010

Training Log: View

Location: Kent, Washington

Website: www.lionsway.us

Contact Information: 253-856-2122, info@lionsway.us

Comments: Skip Scherer has been training martial arts for almost two decades. Begining with boxing and then moving on to a traditional karate / kickboxing style; Skip has earned several black belts and one 3rd degree black belt. Most importantly he has continued to train; realizing that to stop learning is the greatest disservice a teacher can ever do their students; Skip continues to train with several top teachers of various martial arts styles; including teachers of SAMBO (under Asron Fields), BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Karate, Kung Fu, and Muay Thai.

Skip is a professional, full time martial arts instructor. His time is dedicated to his family and to the martial arts with no other distractions. His goals in life are to not only improve his own martial arts skills but to also make his students the best that they can be.


Type of Membership:  Board Member Club

Member Since: 4/21/2003

Location: 1314 Ne 56th Street, Seattle, Washington

Website: www.seattle-jujutsu.org

Contact Information: 206-713-9745, batakhan@speakeasy.net

Comments: Aaron Fields, Chief Instructor



School/Individual Name: ISWA CANADA

Type of Membership:  Board Member Club

Member Since: 8/15/2006

Training log: View

Location: Montreal, Canada

Website: www.catchwrestlingcanada.com

Comments:Kris Iatskevich is a martial artist with over 30 years experience. He is the president of Catch Wrestling Canada and co-founder of the International Submission Wrestling Alliance. He has studied Catch Wrestling under Eddy Wiecz Carpentier since 1996.


School/Individual Name: MASASHI YOSHIZAWA

Type of Membership: Board Member

Member Since: 4/21/2003

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Website: www.japan-sambo.com www.jmaga.org www.plus-blog.sportsnavi.com


Contact Information: ADS20727@nifty.com

Comments: Masashi is the Co-Director for the Japan Sambo Federation and has an impressive competitive and coaching history including a gold medal in the 2000 Pan Am Games and second place in the 1st Annual All-Japan Combat Wrestling Tournament. Aside from his coaching position at the prestigious team SK Absolute, Masashi has been a member of the Japanese National Team during competitions in the All-Asia Sambo Championships, the All-Asia Kurash Championships (Uzbekistan’s martial art), and was the team Captain at the 2005 World Master's Sambo Championships in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He have been on the coaching staff of the Japanese World Team countless times.


School/Individual Name: RAFAEL H. VAQUERO

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 12/11/12

Location: Panama

Contact Information: rvaquero35@hotmail.com



Type of Membership:  Board Member Club

Member Since: 4/21/2003

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Comments: Born in 1939, Alexander Barakov is a former Soviet Naval Officer and lifelong martial artist. In addition to his Master of Sport in Sambo, Alexander is a Master in Olympic Weightlifting with ten years experience and holds a black belt in Goju-Ryu Karate. During his earlier years Alexander was a Soviet Naval Sambo instructor. Like many military men, Alexander found himself out of work and immigrated to America after the fall of the Soviet Union. During his 20 years in New York Alexander regularly taught Combat Sambo to many eager students. He expressed a desire to establish an association for the promotion of the style. The American Sambo Association™ is the realization of his dream. Returning home to Russia in 2003, Alexander is now Head Coach for the St. Petersburg Region of the FKE, or Integrated Martial Arts Federation of Russia. He also coaches at his own club, the Suvorov Military Academy, Club Boar and several other locations.  In addition, Alexander is actively involved with training border patrol and anti-terrorist units in hand-to-hand combat.

School/Individual Name: ANTHONY LASHLEY

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: May 1, 2014

Location: Highland Parks, NJ

Contact: cicero.universe@yahoo.com

Comments:  Anthony Lashley has been training martial arts since the age of seven including TKD through his youth and HS. He also trained 2 seasons of HS wrestling. After college Anthony spent 9 months training BJJ until he suffered a torn labrum. Since 2009, Anthony has been studying under ASA Vice President Dayn DeRose in Nanzan Kempo (earned black belt in 2013), Goshi Shun Karate, Nagasa Ryu JiuJitsu and Sambo. Anthony also trains Tai Chi.


Type of Membership: Affiliate Club Member

Member Since: 10/1/14

Location: Keego Harbor, Michigan

Contact Information: Facebook Page

Comments: Head Coach, Scott Przybylowicz


School/Individual Name: ANTHONY PASTORELLO

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 3/10/13

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Contact: www.xlegions.com

Comments: Anthony Pastorello has extensive background covering the spectrum of traditional and modern martial arts. Anthony is a black belt in Chuan Fa Kempo Karate, was a wrestler, amateur kickboxing competitor, and currently trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has instructed boxing, and combatives to military personnel. Anthony worked as a United States Air Force Academy Combatives consultant and coauthored the Academy’s Unarmed Combat I curriculum. Anthony has been awarded letters of appreciation from the USAFA.


School/Individual Name: TK MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY

Type of Membership: Affiliate Club Member

Training Log: View

Member Member Since: 4/15/13

Location: Lowell, Arkansas

Contact: www.tkmartialarts.com

Comments: Owner and lead instructor for the TK Martial Arts Academy, Tim Kuth has black belts in Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, Taiho-jitsu, and Karate and is an instructor in Muay Thai/Lao. He also is the lead Law Enforcement instructor for the police academy in Northwest Arkansas. He has taught numerous classes for police all over the country and Europe. Mr. Kuth is looking to build a training network and increase his knowledge of sambo. He has plans to begin a sambo work group under ASA supervision.


School/Individual Name: NEW ERA MARTIAL ARTS

Type of Membership: Professional Member Club

Training Log: Non available at this time

Member Since: 7/16/2013

Location: Pasadena, Maryland

Website: www.neweramartialarts.org

Contact: neweramamd@gmail.com

Comments: Drew Blackwell is head instructor and owner of New Era Martial Arts. He was introduced to Sambo in 2010 by Dayn DeRose and continued to be affiliated with him today. Drew has experience in several martial arts including Tang Soo Do, Taekwondo Chang Hon, & American Kenpo Jiujitsu.

School/Individual Name: ANTHONY FRIESEN

Type of Membership:  Individual Member

Member Since: 8/15/2006

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Contact: Tonyfriesen123@hotmail.com

Comments: Anthony is a combat sports athlete with experience in Sambo and Muay Thai. Now living in Canada, he has lived and trained Thailand. Anthony is interested in becoming more involved in the growing sambo community in Canada as well as the ASA community.

School/Individual Name: GLENN A. DAVIS

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 10/2/12

Location: Gstonybrook, New York

Website: none

Contact: glndavis1@hotmail.com

Comments: Glenn is a longtime wrestler, martial artist and soldier (retired as a Captain, US Army) who wishes to include sambo into his training. He is a 4th Dan in Judo, 2nd Dan in JuJitsu (American JuJitsu Association), 1st Dan in Shingitai Jujitsu, and a 1st Dan in Hapkido. Among his long list of credentials are the first coach of the Norwich University wrestling program (1976-1980), Assistant Wrestling Coach at Trenton State College (1985-1986), Head Coach for Athletes in Action wrestling team (1991, Mongolia), Tactical Officer, Judo & Wrestling Coach at Valley Forge Military Academy and College (2000-2007), Combative Instructor for the US Army (2010-2011).


School/Individual Name: DYNAMO SAMBO UK

Type of Membership:  Board Member Club

Member Since: 2013

Location: Scotland

Website: www.dynamosambo.co.uk

Comments: Vadim Kolganov studied in Moscow State University of Physical Culture and Sport, is a 6 time Central Dynamo club champion of Sambo, 1985 Moscow Champion (Judo), 2005 World masters Championship, and 2006 British Sambo Open Championship Bronze Medalist. Vadim’s credentials include over 20 years of Sambo instruction, Black Belt and Master of Sport (Judo), Ju-jutsu Black Belt, and experience with ARB (Hand To Hand Combat), ROSS, Belt Wrestling , American Freestyle Wrestlyng, Karate, Wing-Chun, Muay Thai.


School/Individual Name: JOSE MARIA GARCIA GIMENO

Type of Membership:  Individual Member

Member Since: 11/28/2013

Location: Valencia, Spain

Contact: chema637@hotmail.com

Comments: Jose has trained many martial arts and is interested in becoming more involved in Sambo. Aformer kickboxer, Jose is a Muay Thai, Kickboxing and boxing coach. Additionally he has a black belt in Japanese Ju Jitsu, and has experience with several other arts including greco-roman wrestling, Krav Maga, Judo JKD and Karate.


School/Individual Name: DARRIN RICHARDSON

Type of Membership:  Board Member Club

Member Since: 2013

Location: Gosprt, England

Contact: http://russianallroundfighting.co.uk

Comments: Darrin Richardson is currently the President of Russian All-Round Fighting UK. He has been training martial arts for 40 years; the last 15 years of which has been Sambo and Combat Sambo. He started his carrier in 1974 by studying of karate (he has brown belt now). Since that time he has earned Black Belt in several styles of Ju Jitsu including a 6th dan. He is currently instructor of kickboxing, mix fight, Sambo, Combat Sambo and R.O.S.S.  As a competitor he has earned 1 silver and 2 bronze medals World Sambo Championships (masters). He was also a Bronze medalist at the European Sambo Championships and World Kuresh Championships. He is Champion in the heavyweight fight of Cornwall and has fought 6 times in a "cage" by the rules of mix fight. In total Darrin has won over 70 national and international medals in various combat sports earning Master of Sport in Sambo and Russian All-round Fighting, Hounoured Coach in Russian All-round Fighting.


School/Individual Name: ULF ELM

Type of Membership:  Board Member Club

Member Since: 2013

Training Log: View

Location: Växjö, Sweden

Contact: www.titans.se

Comments: Ulf, a BJJ Black Belt, started out in traditional martial arts in 1991 but was first introduced to the world of sport grappling and MMA in 1997 when attending an “anti-grappling” seminar hosted by a local Wing Tsun club. Since then he has been hooked on grappling. Ulf learned the ropes training Pancrase and Shooto under Swedish MMA pioneer Omar Bouiche, who in turn had a Sambo background before beginning his career in Pancrase. Later on Ulf came under the tutelage of Waldo Zapata, a student of Omar’s that became heavily focused on grappling and BJJ. Ulf currently teaches fighters at his own club Växjö Titans MMA and has some competition experience, his crowning achievement being a silver medal from the 2013 European BJJ Open as a brown belt. Ulf’s contact with Sambo came through coach Stephen Koepfer during a visit to NY Combat Sambo in 2012. This opened up a new perspective on combat sports and grappling for Ulf. Since then he has traveled to Russia to train with Igor Kurinnoy and has invited Stephen Koepfer over to Växjö, Sweden to host a seminar. Ulf is now focused on getting Sambo organized in Sweden and setting up competitions.


School/Individual Name: KAI THAI ACADEMY

Type of Membership: Affiliate Club Member

Member Since: 10/11/14

Location: Wilson, NC

Contact Information: www.kaithaiacademy.com

Comments: Jason Cockrell, head coach at Kai Thai, has been a fan of Sambo for quite sometime. He got started in the grappling arts in 1996 with BJJ. Since that time Jason has also trained in Shoot Wrestling, Judo and Greco-Roman Roman. Kai Thai Academy is also affiliated with Snake Pit USA. Jason hopes to begin building a sambo program as well.

School/Individual Name: ROBERT BIGGS, JR

Type of Membership:  Individual Member

Member Since: 10/19/2014

Location: Texas


Contact Information:


School/Individual Name: TIMOTHY JOHN SETALA

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 10/16/14

Location: Eden Prarie, Minnesota

Contact Information: tim.setala@gmail.com

Comments: Lifelong grappler who wishes to get more involved in sambo


School/Individual Name: STEVE SCOTT

Type of Membership: Individual Member

Member Since: 11/24/14

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Contact Information: stevescottjudo@yahoo.com

Comments: Welcome Mat Founder and Head Coach. Author of over a dozen published books including COACHING ON THE MAT, WINNING ON THE MAT, CONDITIONING FOR COMBAT SPORTS, TAP OUT TEXTBOOK, ARMLOCK ENCYLOPEDIA and CHAMPIONSHIPS SAMBO. Welcome Mat athletes have won 4 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals at the World Sambo Championships, as well as gold, silver and bronze medals at the Sambo World Cup and Pan American Games. Welcome Mat athletes have won over 250 gold, silver and bronze medals at many U.S. National Sambo Championships.


Type of Membership: Affiliate Club Member

Training Log:

Member Since: 11/24/14

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Website: www.welcomematjudoclub.com

Contact Information: call Michelle Brink at (816) 969-9020 or Coach Ken Brink at (816) 969-9019 or e-mail kbrink8952@aol.com

Comments: Welcome Mat athletes have won 4 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals at the World Sambo Championships, as well as gold, silver and bronze medals at the Sambo World Cup and Pan American Games. Welcome Mat athletes have won over 250 gold, silver and bronze medals at many U.S. National Sambo Championships.



Type of Membership: Affiliate Club Member

Training Log:

Member Since: 11/24/14

Location: Lenexa, Kansas

Website: www.welcomemattrainingcenter.com

Contact Information: Call (816) 456-5735 for information.

Comments: Welcome Mat athletes have won 4 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals at the World Sambo Championships, as well as gold, silver and bronze medals at the Sambo World Cup and Pan American Games. Welcome Mat athletes have won over 250 gold, silver and bronze medals at many U.S. National Sambo Championships.


Type of Membership: Affiliate Club Member

Member Since: 2/27/15

Location: Buffalo, New York

Website: www.buffalounitedmartialarts.com

Contact Information: info@familyfight.com

Comments: Jon Kokotajlo is a long time martial artist trained in sambo/combat sambo under Chris Anderson, BJJ under Gerry Disanto & Josh Ketry, Muay Thai under Nick Dodge and MMA under Josh Yox. John currently coaches sambo at Buffalo United.