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5/16/19 - Caution Spoilers: Stephen Koepfer, Sambo Expret on John Wick: Parabellum

1/8/18 - Blog conversation with rookie stunt performer Stephen Koepfer:

10/12/17 - Caution Spoilers: New York's Stunt World - Training, Hustling... Oscars? - Caution Spoilers

(Interviews with Paul Varacchi, Stephen Koepfer, Jared DiCroce, Ilyana Eberhardt and Noah Schultz)

9/13/17 - Film Independent: Concrete and Crashpads: Behind-the-Scenes Insight from Top Stunt Performers - Film Independent

(Interviews with Stephen Koepfer and Matthew Kaplowitz)

6/27/17 - IFS Fitness Podcast Ep 20: Hollywood Stunt Artists

(Phoenix Carnevale interviews Tina McKissick, Stephen Koepfer and Matthew Kaplowitz)

2/8/17 - Caution Spoilers: Fire, Fear, & Favourite Stunts - Interview With Stuntwoman Jo Lamstein - Caution Spoilers

1/20/17 - Caution Spoilers: Coming Out of the Shadows, Interview with Director and Rookie Stuntman Stephen Koepfer

1/18/17 - Concrete And Crashpads - Stunts in New York (Short Film) - Caution Spoilers

1/16/17 - Action Movie Freak Film Review - Concrete and Crashpads

11/3/16 - Review: CONCRETE AND CRASHPADS: STUNTS IN NEW YORK Welcomes You To The Urban Stunt Jungle

5/21/14 - Fox Sports: Al Iaquinta Stars in MMA TV Drama Close to Getting Picked up for Pilot