Demon United|

Breakfall Studios is honored to part to Demon’s Street Team. They have provided us with incredible support and safety equipment. Demon Saves! Please check them out!

Stunt Listing |

Without a doubt one of the best stunt performer database out there. Stunt Listing is incredibly user friendly making it SIMPLE to update your data as needed as often as you need.

CMG Talent |

The oldest and most utilized stunt performer database on the east coast. If you are a East Coast performer, you must get listed here!

Brooklyn Zoo (NY) |

Need to get your tricking, parkour and gymnastics on point? This is literally where every stunt performer worth his weight in salt in NYC goes.

Mats Mats Mats |

This place is a literal gold mine with quality mats and pads. You won’t regret it. The name says it all.

Action Factory |
(please copy and paste this link into your brouser to visit AF)

Pads and equipment by stunt people for stunt people.   

Stunt Bumpers |

Yo! We can’t tell you how often Stunt Bumpers have saved our asses! You MUST have Stunt Bumpers in your kit. No question about it.

Taurus |

The Taurus™ World Stunt Awards honor the movie industry’s unsung heroes, the world’s best stunt professionals. They risk their lives to perform the most daring stunts that bring action and excitement to the movie-going public.

Stunt Contact |

Subscribe to the #1 breakdown in the industry. Need to know who is coordinating what? Who is hiring for what? And where productions are setting up shop? This is the subscription you want.

Stuntwomen United (NY) |

To build a solid supportive foundation for Stuntwomen in the Entertainment Industry and help navigate a path to success while mentoring and standing fast against inequity.  

Metro Camera Cars (NY) |

Metro Camera Cars is making high-end, dynamic, fluid camera movement accessible for all budgets.  We're the first compact and affordable arm-car service in the North East.

Fight or Flight Entertainment (ATL)

Technical, artistic and safety consultations for human rigging. Fight or Flight Entertainment only rigs for human performance...not cameras, props, etc. Services include rigging, consultation training from one of America’s leading circus and stunt riggers, Brett Copes.

Rick Seaman Stunt Driving School (LA & NJ)

Established in 1997, Rick Seaman and his staff has trained over 2,100 actors, actresses, stunt players and film industry personnel. Courses offered on both the east and west coast.

Driver’s East Stunt Driving School (NJ)

One of the premier stunt driving schools in the United States. Created to train new Stunt Drivers and seasoned veterans alike.  You will learn how to slide a car, hit a mark consistently and safely.  The original stunt driving school in the North East.

Tactical Black (LA) |

Tactical Black Combat Firearms and Hostile Environment Training.  Emphasis on providing safe training in an effective, relaxed and timely manner.

Scott Boyett (LA) |

Military historian, arms and armor expert, certified firearms instructor and historical consultant for the film, television and gaming industries.

Grunt Works (NY) |

Firearm certification, Conceal Carry Certification, CQB and tactical instruction, Small UnitTactical Movement instruction.

Peppermatic Pictures (NY) |

Photography, cinematography, equipment