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3/31/18 (Saturday). NYC:

Sambo Film Audition. 2pm. INVITATION ONLY. For more information e-mail

4/15/18 (Sunday): 2-5pm. NYC:

Falling for Rookies. This workshop is intended to introduce novice stunt performers (of offer practice to seasoned ones) to basic rolls and falls including front, back and side falls. This workshop does not cover high falls. Students are encouraged to bring their kits and pads as a portion of this workshop takes place on hard wood floors. This workshop is limited to 10 participants. In order to attend this workshop you must have at least I SAG-AFTRA stunt contract. If there are still spaces available by the Friday before the workshop, we will open it up to SAG-AFTRA Eligible Stunt Performers or actors who wish to experience training in basic falls. To inquire about registering for this workshop (a pre-requisite for our open training), please e-mail us at

5/19/18 (Saturday): 10am - 1pm. Panam City, Florida:

Falling for Rookies. Stephen Koepfer will be teaching a three hour Sambo workshop in Panama City, Florida. For more information on attending this seminar visit the event’s Facebook Page or e-mail