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New York Combat Sambo and Flow Krav Maga are proud to offer the New York stunt community a free training space twice a week (On Wednesday from 1-5pm and Sunday from 2-5pm) If you are a new or seasoned stunt professional and need space to meet, train or rehearse, New York Combat Sambo has made two weekly time slots available to you free of charge.

Finding training and/or rehearsal space in NYC is not always an easy task. With Breakfall Studios Open Training we hope to make finding time and space a bit easier. If you do plan to come we ask you to please shoot us an e-mail at or post on our Facebook group and let us know you plan on coming. We will also put you on our mailing list at your request.


If you are a stunt coordinator or production interested in renting our space, please contact us and we would be glad to work with you. We have an intimate matted space with a wide wide range of mats, pads, targets, trainer and prop weapons at your disposal (no rigging capability).


If you are in the stunt community and wish to join our Facebook group, please send us a member request!


Our open training sessions are for seasoned or rookie stunt performers. You MUST have at least intermediate skills in martial arts, gymnastics, tricking, or similar stunt related skills. Breakfall Studios open training is NOT for complete beginners, those who saw some film or gag on set and thought "I can do that." It is not for actors or stage combatants who want to tack "stunts" on their resume, or anyone else that is not 100% interested in being stunt performers and putting in the work to get there.

Unless personally you are personally invited to train with us or sent our way from a reputable stunt coordinator, here is what you need to do if you want to attend our stunt performer open training sessions:

1- You MUST have at least one SAG-AFTRA Stunt Credit - Not in your own production!

2- You MUST submit a training or stunt reel.

3- You must have a recommendation from a regular attendee at Breakfall or a recognized stunt coordinator.

4- You MUST attend our "Falling for Rookies" workshop.

Once these are done, we will either invite you to open training or refer you to sources where you can work on your foundation level skills that need work before training with us.

BREAKFALL STUDIOS at NY Combat Sambo is supervised by Stephen Koepfer and Paul Varacchi

On the set of “Choke Artist” with Al Iaquinta and John Bowman

On the set of “Been Around the World” with Jabari Gray

On the set of Travel Channel’s  “Dhani Tackles the Globe”

On the set of “John Wick: Chapter Two” with 87Eleven Action Team

On the set of “Fighting Words”

Still from a Breakfall Studios pre viz fight scene.


This workshop is intended for rookie stunt performers with at least 1 SAG-AFTRA stunt credit or special ability waiver. It will be limited to 15 attendees maximum. 5 spots were filled since announcing the workshop on social media yesterday, so please do not wait to register.

As stunt performers know, it is incredibly important to be able to "hit the ground hard." But, it is equally important, if not more, to hit the ground safely. Basic breakfallS, it could be argued, is the most important and utilized skill a stunt performer will have in his or her toolbox. Yet, many rookies have never learned how to properly breakfall or hit the ground technically & safely...until they are on set and have to learn the hard way. Falling is an expected skill, yet it is all too often neglected or minimized by rookies.

If you want to fall "dirty," you have to fall clean first. You need to know the rules to break the rules. Our bodies are our most important assest. This workshop will focus on basic front, back, side and suicide falls from your feet, on various mats, hard surfaces, over objects, over people and from low elevations. Maybe other falls as well, depending on the group's progress. We WILL NOT do high falls. This workshop will be literally three hours of rolling, jumping and falling. Everything starts with falling.


Elbow and knee pads. Comfortable clothing akin to wardrobe, not gym clothes (no metal buckles or hardware please). On the mats, wrestling or martial art shoes are welcome (no black soles). Bare foot is ok as well. Off the mats (wood floor), we would suggest you bring street shoes or boots. If you own a back pad, tailbone and hip pads, feel free to bring them (they are not required). We will have loaner back pads.

For those who do not own back pads, we will bring several designs and variations for differing levels of impact, profile, mobility, etc., for you guys to examine. We we also bring a variety of other body pads for you to examine if you are new to selecting body pads. If attendees are interested in purchasing back or other body pads, Breakfall Studios is sponsored by Demon United and we can assit you in purchasing items for your kit (there will be no mark up for us).


Sunday, November 19th from 2 - 5pm.


New York Combat Sambo/Breakfall Studios.

225 west 36th street, 3rd floor. NY, NY. 10018



To reserve your spot, paypal $30 to

If you do not register in advance, you may not be able to attend. If you are not a rookie, but know someone who is and could benefit from this course, please feel free to pass the info along. We also have a Facebook event page to comment, check in, or ask questions. $40 at the door if space is available.

In 2017 Breakfall Studios co-produced our first film! Concrete and Crashpads: Stunts in New York.

2017 Winner, Award of Recognition, Best Shorts Competition

2017 Winner, Audience Choice Award, Iron Dragon Actionfest

2017 Nominee, Best Documentary Editing, Action On Film Festival

2017 Screening SAG-AFTRA Foundation “The Business” Series

2017 Official Selection Action On Film Festival

2017 Official Selection New York State International Film Ferstival

2017 Official Selection Rahway International Film Festival

2017 Official Selection YoFiFest International Film Festival

2017 Official Selection IIPM International Film Festival

2017 Official Selection Iron Dragon Actionfest

2017 Official Selection Manhattan Independent Film Festival

2017 Official Selection Movies4Movies Summer Film Festival

2016 Official Selection HBO/Cinemax Urban Action Showcase

Learn more about the NY Stunt Community! VIEW CONCRETE AND CRASHPADS NOW on ULTRAFLIX! Ultraflix 4K is available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Google Play, Hisence, Apple Store, NVIDIA Shield, ROKU, Samsung Tizen, Sony, Vizio and Windows 10.

Official Teaser: Concrete and Crashpads: Stunts in New York from Stephen Koepfer on Vimeo.

Breakfall Studios - Two years in! from Stephen Koepfer on Vimeo.