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47 Years of American Sambo 1968 - 2015

The ASA has diligently compiled results of every American sambist competing abroad as well as US based Sambo tournaments held between 1973 - 2015; as well as other important pieces of US Sambo history dating back to 1968. It was a long haul and tremendous amount of work as most early results were never recorded on the internet and records have not been kept by now defunct organizations. But, thanks to the help of many people who dug through their closets and scrap books, countless hours of data mining and internet archive searching we have a fairly comprehensive record of verified results.

This country has a long and honored history in Sambo! Currently our database has over 1500 entries. However, only verifiable results were included in the database (no word of mouth reports are included). Here is a PDF of the database.

THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE RECORD! To be listed in this database, we needed to acquire verifiable evidence of an athlete’s participation and/or placing. This included official results, photos on the podium, magazine or newspaper articles, certificates, passbooks, awards, etc. If you have not been listed here it does not mean you did not compete! It only means we did not have any kind of documentation to verify your result. If you have a listing to include, contact us at samboinfo@yahoo.com

Check out these short videos and photo gallery to learn a bit about the rich Sambo tradition we have in America!

Archives last updated on November 14, 2014

Transworld Sport Covers the 1992 World Sambo Championships in England. This is a great time capsule of the sport from 20+ years ago. US Team Member Darren Flagg interviewed as well as Rigan Machado, who brought home Brazil’s first ever medal from the worlds (silver). Thanks to Martin Clarke of the British Sambo Federation for uploading this video.

2002 FIAS World Sambo Championships. Fedor Emelieanenko (pre-MMA fame) vs US Team Member Oleg Savitsky