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New York Combat Sambo is proud to offer the New York stunt community a free training space twice a week (On Wednesday from 1-5pm and Sunday from 2-5pm) If you are a new or seasoned stunt professional and need space to meet, train or rehearse, New York Combat Sambo has made two weekly time slots available to you free of charge.

Finding training and/or rehearsal space in NYC is not always an easy task. With New York Combat Sambo’s Breakfall Studios Open Training we hope to make finding time and space a bit easier. If you do plan to come we ask you to please shoot us an e-mail at or post on our Facebook group and let us know you plan on coming. We will also put you on our mailing list at your request.


If you are a stunt coordinator, fight director or production interested in renting our space, please contact us and we would be glad to work with you. We have an intimate matted space with a wide wide range of mats, pads, targets, trainer and prop weapons at your disposal (no rigging capability).


If you are in the stunt community and wish to join our Facebook group, please send us a member request!


If you don't have at least intermediate level martial arts or related skill (circus, tricking, gymnastics, etc), at least 1 IMDb stunt credit (CAN’T BE YOUR OWN PRODUCTION) and a reference from a current group member, the open group is not really the right place for you...YET! We want everyone to train, but the open training in not meant to be an environment to just get your feet wet or start learning basics.

Never fear! If you never learned how to roll, tumble or breakfall; hold a firearm or weapon properly; or throw a basic jab - cross - round kick combination; execute a basic hip throw; we want to help get you up to speed! If you are an actor who just wants to learn some basics, or an aspiring stunt person that never had the opportunity to learn, we offer workshops and intensives just for you!

BREAKFALL STUDIOS at NY Combat Sambo is supervised by Stephen Koepfer and Paul Varacchi

On the set of “Choke Artist” with Al Iaquinta and John Bowman

On the set of “Been Around the World” with Jabari Gray

On the set of Travel Channel’s  “Dhani Tackles the Globe”

On the set of “John Wick: Chapter Two” with 87Eleven Action Team

On the set of “Fighting Words”

Still from a Breakfall Studios pre viz fight scene.


Info coming soon!

May 30, 2016

Huge thanks to Film Combat Syndicate for giving “Sticks at Dawn” some publicity on their weekly hit list!

Check out the post here

January 21, 2017

Caution Spoilers interviews Stephen Koepfer regarding his experiences as a rookie stuntman.

Happy Holidays from Breakfall Studios! Our last training did not go exactly as planned, but we hope your 2017 starts better than ours did!

Seasons Beatings From Breakfall Studios from Stephen Koepfer on Vimeo.

In 2017 Breakfall Studios co-produced our first film! Concrete and Crashpads: Stunts in New York. Check out the teaser!

2017 Winner, Award of Recognition, Best Shorts Competition

2017 Screening SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations Series

2017 Official Selection Action On Film Festival

2017 Official Selection IIPM International Film Festival

2017 Official Selection Iron Dragon Actionfest

2016 Official Selection HBO/Cinemax Urban Action Showcase

Official Teaser: Concrete and Crashpads: Stunts in New York from Stephen Koepfer on Vimeo.